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What Are Water ATMs And How Do They Work?

06 August, 2016

Water is one of the most important amenities that a human being needs. It is also known to be the Liquid of Life as it is essential in many aspects of living. Be it for health or be it for daily needs, water supply is what everybody needs. However, in India, water has always raised problems in lives as there is insufficient supply of it. A lot of people struggle to get water for daily chores and a lot of people don't even have clean water to drink. To decrease this deficiency of clean drinking water, ATMs for water are being installed all over the country. This is going to be a huge boon as most of the cities and villages in India constantly face extreme water crises. So,what is water ATMs and how do they function? Let's know!

What is a water ATM? 

The water ATMs are basically decentralized water purification plants, many of which work on the principle of reverse osmosis.They are nothing but water kiosks installed in various parts of India from where you can get clean drinking water. Nowadays, a lot of unauthorized colonies are showing up and there is scarcity in the supply of water. To solve such problems, the water ATMs are set up at important places where there is a need.

How does the water ATM work? 

Firstly, you must know that water ATMs can be either powered by solar energy or through electrical energy. These ATMs usually operate on smart technologies like cloud computing, GSM etc. to capture usage and impact data. For purification the most commonly used techniques are reverse osmosis, ultra filtration, activated carbon filtration, precision filtrations etc. These technologies are often used in combination to give pure water to the users according to the quality of water available in a particular area. The pure water can be dispensed after chilling or at normal temperature depending upon availability of chiller in the ATM. . People can obtain water from such ATMs through the usage of smart cards.Such cards could be recharged and the recharge is done at the designated franchisee or by the plant operators. In one single go, the user can obtain nearly twenty liters of pure water.

The planning 

To install water ATMs in different locations, knowledge of water quality of that particular location is a must as RO technology may not be apt for all locations, especially in those regions where the water's salinity is not that high . In locations like these, different technologies are to be used to treat the water. 

Future These Water ATMs are certainly going to play a major role in providing clean drinking water to the people who are in severe need of it. As these units are stand alone, they can be located in wide, scattered areas where government donot have piped water infrastructure to cater to drinking water needs of people. In the coming times, Water ATMs could serve as the most important way to make safe water available to common people. 

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