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Water Vending Machines in India

07 October, 2016

It has been a decade since water vending machines have become a part of India, providing safe and pure drinking water at economical rates. But are they really successful?

The term water ATM refers to water vending machine like that of bank ATMs, the only difference being you get water in return of money from it. Water ATM not only accepts cash but also prepaid smart cards. Usually These ATMs are built, owned and controlled by private companies but off late such ATMs have been installed by government departments also.

These ATMs are spread in various part of the India. Some of the states include Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka etc. There are various Indian and multinational companies that are involved in the business of water vending machines. They charge a nominal rate of 15 paise to 1 rupee per liter of water.

There are various international organizations like World Bank, Japan International cooperation agency and Asian Development Bank that have helped Indian government in various water rejuvenating projects.

The main aim of the water vending machines in India is to provide clean and pure drinking water to the poor and needy at nominal rates. The private companies built and operate the machines and in return benefit from them. This has reduced the financial burden of government to spend on providing clean drinking water to a great extent.

What makes these water ATMs popular among common masses? The following are the advantages to consumers:

1. Provide pure water 24*7 at flexible timing as per users’ convenience.

2. Provide top quality drinking water with better accountability.

3. Based on effective pay-per-use methodology reducing wastage.

4. Transparency in prices and flexible purchasing

Benefits to stakeholders

1. They are environment friendly and has off grid functionality

2. Low operational cost keeps the cost low and productivity high

3. Easy tracking of customer transactions through cloud connectivity

4. Adaptable to various locations like schools, colleges, hospitals etc.

5. Increases the impact of per rupee invested

With so many advantages offered by the water ATM, it is bound to become the most popular instrument for making provision of drinking water for public locations, unplanned neighborhoods and locations which are unserviceable by traditional pipeline based water supply.

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