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Water Scarcity in Rural Areas Still a Predominant Problem

06 March, 2018

India is still predominantly a country where most of the population lives in rural areas. It’s a country where agriculture is one of the most important means of survival. However, it’s a sad but true fact that even in the 21st century, a variety of problems still cripples the development of rural areas.

Among these problems, one of the most important matters of concern is the availability of pure water. Water is one of the most basic requirements for survival and healthy lifestyle which, unfortunately, is being denied to the rural areas. Access to clean water ensures health and safety from water-borne diseases. Waterborne diseases can be very dangerous and spread rapidly.

Importance of Pure Water in Rural Areas

Problems of pure water in rural areas aren’t only a concern in India but in many other countries as well.

Access to water in rural areas especially the very remote areas is mainly restricted to ponds, wells, and rivers which may be either stagnant water or even if flowing water but it is not fit for drinking. Water is a major source of germs, bacteria and other contaminants which can easily cause health hazards.

Water is also required for cleaning, washing and maintaining personal hygiene. Unless access to pure and clean water is ensured, all these needs remain unfulfilled which may also become major reasons for living life in sub-standard conditions.

How to Solve Problems of Pure Water in Rural Areas?

  • The problem must be taken up seriously by the government and proper tanks must be set up to ensure pure drinking water for the rural areas.
  • Provisions must be made for proper sanitation and hygiene in rural areas. Access to clean water for cleaning and washing must be ensured.
  • Further, water dispensing machines or ATMs should be installed which should provide pure drinking water at very minimal costs.

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