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Water Crisis In India And What To Do About It?

07 June, 2016

Water Crisis In India And What To Do About It?

With a population three folds greater than that of the United States but geographical dimensions only one third in comparison, India is the 2nd largest populated country in the world.

Arranging for essential public resources like drinking water for such a large population is a challenge in itself. However, India has made developments over the last few years in both availing drinking water and in maintaining the quality of drinking water systems of Municipalities. The enormity of population, nonetheless, affects the planned resources of water leaving the rural regions out of consideration. Rapid urbanization can also be held responsible for this. Moreover, Irrespective of the improvements in water supply, many sources of water are contaminated due to Chemical pollutants as well as Bio pollutants causing water borne diseases. 21% of diseases in the country are related to water.

The water crisis in India is usually owed to hike in corporate privatization, inefficient government planning, human waste and industrial waste. The scarcity of water is only going to increase, with population of India expected to reach 1.6 billion by 2050. , Even  the  regions in India which are lucky enough to possess a comparatively wet climate are facing challenges due to lack of   proper harvesting of rain water, causing  most of the water to dry or run off  instead of being used. On the top of it, only 33% people in the country have access to proper sanitation.

Water & Sanitation crisis manifests itself in the form of deteriorating health and nutrition levels in kids and increase in water related diseases. 21% of diseases in the country, today, are related to water.  Kids in over 10 crore homes in India are scarce of water, and every one child in two is malnourished.

Moved by all these devastating realities, the enormous task of providing clean water is taken up by Akshay Swachh Jal having strong vision of eradicating problems of drinking water from the country. The Akshay Swachh Jal is a socio economic enterprise committed to improve the access of common masses to clean and pure mineral water at an affordable price. The LFT unit of Akshay Swachh Jal generates thirty thousand liters of mineralized purified water and is built in reference to a socio economic model which generates employment opportunities for local people. This model is suitable to be adopted by community based intervention. The 2nd offering from Akshay Swachh Jal is onsite Mineral Water ATM module. This is a prosperous self-sustaining investment. . It also offers employment opportunities to local people. The water quality is regularly monitored online with the help of a sophisticated software called DOST.

Akshay Swachh Jal through continuous investment in on research and development has designed water management units effective during disasters. With its manufacturing facility in India Askhay Swachh Jal is taking forward the objectives of Make in India campaign.

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