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Problem of Pure Water in Rural Areas

03 March, 2016

Problem of Pure Water in Rural Areas

India lives in villages, and more than 65% of our population with hundreds of millions of people are still living and working in rural areas and villages across India. The health of the Rural India is the barometer of the health of India itself. Rural India has its own set of challenges, and the top among them is the availability of Pure drinking water. Among the top 3 needs of humans – Food, water and Shelter, Water is the most affected part of our lives, with contamination affecting 95% of our water resources. Drinking water accounts for at least 35% of all diseases affecting the rural India. India spent about 135,000 Crores Rupees in its last Five year plan to take care of this problem.

The worst affected people are Children and women, who bear the brunt of this contamination, and though a lot of work is being done to elevate our rural India from this menace, we have just scratched the surface so far.

Why availability of pure drinking water is a necessity?

The unavailability of pure drinking water and the use of contaminated water lead to cause waterborne diseases, affecting millions of citizens every year resulting in illness or even deaths. We loose 1 Child every 5 Minute due to water borne diseases.  Approximately 4.7 Million School hours are lost each year due to illnesses caused by consuming contaminated water.

The only solution to this is to provide clean Drinking water in all hamlets & Villages across the country. This is a giant task, and of mammoth proportions, and required dedicated policies to attack this problems from different areas. Containing the contamination of existing water sources, regulating the use of depleting Ground aquifer, Rain water harvesting and setting up distribution lines for making tap water available to people would be important steps in this direction. Bringing Clean water through simplistic treatment processes and setting up scalable and self sustaining Water treatment facilities would be the best possible solution for mid and short term results.

Our scientists are working day and night to find new technologies and ways to clean the water in the most natural ways. These technologies are yet to reach the rural areas of the country, and it is our endeavor to make this technology sustainable, user friendly and make an impact to the millions in rural India who continue to suffer due to non availability of such technologies for improving their standard of living. One such technology provides a “Plug and Play” solution to setting up Mini Water treatment Kiosks with Water Vending in all villages, and such small units can cater to the whole village and provide safe drinking water. Such Units cost less than 5 Lac Rs. and can be set up in 1 day.

We need more such plans and initiatives, and we need to make sure that they reach to each and every village in the country. Only then, the dream of pure water to everyone can be transformed into reality.

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