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Clean Water from Akshay Swachh Jal

09 April, 2016

Clean Water from Akshay Swachh Jal

Water is one of the main factors of life and we cannot have imagined a life without water. Despite its importance, pure drinking water has been a distant dream to the people in India. The problems have manifested so hugely that it has reached crisis levels. Through growing economy and population, demand for the drinking water resource is only increasing. According to the WHO (world health organization), nearly 97 million people do not have access to safe water presently, 27% of the contagious diseases in India are linked to unsafe water. Without amendments, the problem is sure to blow out of proportion.

However, there is one initiative that effectively fights back the problem and provide solution. Akshay Swachh Jal has committed to offer clean, healthy and mineralized water to people in most reasonable price. With Huge investment in R&D and production facilities, Akshay Swachh Jal has introduced a Community water project that is providing Pure Mineralized RO water to the common people at Rs. 0.25 per liter. Such Projects are self sustaining, and each such unit reaches about 10,000 people every day. The Team Akshay Swachh Jal is a committed team of Individuals and professionals from the field of manufacturing and water and are committed to bringing a social change in the way Drinking water reaches the Masses.

Providing clean water for drinking has been a constant motivation for the team which also holds the pride in introducing the Akshay Swachh Jal ATM Kiosk – a “stand alone ATM machine” that dispenses water. This compact Water treatment plant is the only unit in India that can treat water of even 5000 TDS and use a patented 13 stage filtration technology. Tests have proven that the quality of water produced from these Kiosks matches and exceeds the quality of water we get commonly in packaged drinking water. Using advanced treatment technology and integrating it with software, the unit is made to self clean itself, and report problems and performance and the quality of water being made remotely available to its operators.

The Akshay Swachh Jal water reaches to about 80,000 people daily with its 21 installations, and is available in both “take away ATM” and “Home delivery formats. Going ahead, the team has tied up with the MSME of India to provide skill development to the jobless, and provide soft loans to the unemployed so that they can be involved in making pure water available to the masses in the remotest of villages and small communities. Such game changing initiatives will not only provide employment to the youth but also develop Skills in them, and also make affordable Pure Mineral water to reach the millions of people who now depend on polluted water for their consumption.

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