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Application of GPRS technology in water quality monitoring system

13 September, 2017

On analyzing key problem of water quality monitoring, automatic water quality monitoring system based on GPRS is provided. Considering features of water quality monitoring, the general structure and network framework of the system, and the way of access to GPRS of data monitoring center are designed based on GPRS technology. Water quality parameters collected by multi-parameter water quality probe are transmitted to data processing and monitoring center through GPRS wireless communication network of mobile. The system collects, transmits and processes water quality parameters automatically, so production efficiency and economy benefit are improved greatly. Practice has proven GPRS technology can achieve well within the complex environment of poor water quality unmonitored, and more specifically applicable to the collection point, data transmission automatically generate the field of water analysis equipment data transmission and monitoring.

Analysis and implementation of a wireless sensor network with remote access through SMS

The use of wireless sensor networks for monitoring physical and chemical parameters in large regions far from populations allows for real-time monitoring with high levels of spatial resolution. Depending on the available infrastructures, the network can be operating for two years using only batteries, or its coordinator can be powered by solar cells to guarantee the transmission of the collected data by SMS using GSM/GPRS technology or satellite phones. The data are transmitted to a base station located out of the range of the node transceivers, where can be represented and analyzed.

Realization of intelligence monitoring system based on remote sensor technology

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's demands on security also grow with each passing day. In order to achieve safety monitoring on important places or valuables, a new intelligence monitoring system was designed and implemented. It took the wireless sensor technology and the embedded control technology as the foundation. At the same time, it realized the wireless remote communication with GSM mobile communication technology. The structure, function and working principle of the wireless remote monitoring system were introduced. The hardware and software of the system were all designed and realized. It achieved wireless remote monitoring on important places and valuables finally. Experimental results show that the wireless remote monitoring system works well and has the stable data collection and transmission quality. It has a high value for practical application.

IOT Gateway: Bridging Wireless Sensor Networks into Internet of Things .

With the development of sensor, wireless mobile communication, embedded system and cloud computing, the technologies of Internet of Things have been widely used in logistics, Smart Meter, public security, intelligent building and so on. Because of its huge market prospects, Internet of Things has been paid close attention by several governments all over the world, which is regarded as the third wave of information technology after Internet and mobile communication network. Bridging between wireless sensor networks with traditional communication networks or Internet, IOT Gateway plays an important role in IOT applications, which facilitates the seamless integration of wireless sensor networks and mobile communication networks or Internet, and the management and control with wireless sensor networks. In this paper, a proposed s IOT Gateway system based on  GPRS protocols according to the typical IOT application scenarios and requirements from telecom operators, presented the data transmission between wireless sensor networks and mobile communication networks, protocol conversion of different sensor network protocols, and control functionalities for sensor networks, and finally gave an implementation of prototyping system and system validation.

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